31 March, 2018 31 March, 2018

Welcome to the VW Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Pro

Welcome to the VW Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Pro. And it’s a dreamy start to the City Surf Series here in Port Elizabeth. PE-ness usually struggles with swell. Once the swell wraps into the bay, it suffers a slow death until it gently unfolds on the soft sand, sans power. But today, mother earth has gifted Pipeline with a delightful East swell. And oh how Nelson Mandela Bay loves an east swell. 

We’ll be doing live updates throughout the day. Follow on Insta G. And be sure to catch us on Facebook live. But in the meantime, enjoy this here delightful image by Ian Thurtell of the Fresh Prince getting pitted by plastic bottles. And you know that ain’t right. So stop using them plastic bottles. Damnit. 

Image: Ian Thurtell

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