16 July, 2018 16 July, 2018

Wax Out Cork In

Similar to sunscreen, board wax can contain ocean harming and human health-harming synthetic ingredients such a petroleum-based wax or synthetic fragrance.

Many popular waxes contain petrochemical additives such as paraffin that pollute the ocean. In fact, petrochemicals are in 95 percent of surf wax found on the market today. This petroleum-based wax will eventually fall off your board, affecting our beaches, our delicate ecosystems, and reefs. Paraffin wax is obtained when crude oil is separated into its individual components.

RSPro announced the launch of a front deck grip exclusively made from cork. The surf company from Barcelona continues on its quest and vision to get wax out of our surfboards.

After releasing the HexaTraction Grip, in efforts to replace traditional wax, RSPro returns with a one-millimeter, sustainable front foot grip. Cork not only is a sustainable and energy efficient material, but it also doesn’t absorb water and protects the surfboard from high action impacts.

“We wanted to have the best board feeling possible, so we reduced the height and cushion between the surfer’s feet and board to the bare minimum. Traditional pads break, and glue gets adhered to the board together with small pieces of EVA foam. That’s why we ended up producing a grip which is a balanced compromise between an EVA pad and surf wax.” – Carles Carrera, founder of RSPro. So the question, are you ready to put surf wax aside forever?

RSPro’s Front Deck Grip comes in four pieces of 3.5” x 16.3” (9 x 41.3cm) each, weighing in at 100 grams. It is available for 43€ translating to an ominous R666.


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