16 February, 2016 16 February, 2016

Wanted: Designer with Mad Steez


Can you design sick spreads like this with your own unique hand-drawn illustrative steez thrown in to compliment? Can you do all that with one hand tied behind your back, while you’re duct-taped to a chair?

If so, Zigzag magazine needs you. We like employees with special skills – apart from his incredible artistry, our previous designer could levitate and bend spoons with his mind, but often just sits down in the middle of his carves.

Zag is looking for a new designer to take hold of Zag’s look and feel, across all platforms: Print, online and special projects – full details of the requirements and responsibilities are listed below.



Zigzag Surf Magazine

Create a compelling editorial and visual bond with the reader through a unique design vision for Zigzag that adheres to the brand’s established guidelines and heritage.

Undertake the design and layout functions of the magazines, editorial and non-editorial marketing and promotional material including, but not limited to, promotional features, logos, merchandise, supplements, below-the-line advertising and subscription materials for the publication, incl. posters, wobblers, banners, etc.

Maintain and surpass the current design standards. Design within the standards, look and feel of the specific magazine but look towards evolving and improving Zag’s visual communication across all platforms.

Conduct final checks on layouts. To always control and check layouts and pdfs before sending final material to print.

Follow the brief given by the editor and deliver final material within the time frame given.

Collaborate and work within a team environment to enhance overall product offering across the mediums of print, online or mobile.

Generate fresh design ideas. Keep up with latest design / layout ideas, technology and computer software programs.

Design for digital platforms – including, but not limited to, website, digital editions as well as Apps.


Illustrative skills
Attention to detail
Ability to manage deadlines and time-management (critical)
Surfing… the candidate must be a keen surfer (non-negotiable)

Adobe creative suite… In particular Indesign and Photoshop
Preparing PDFs for print
Repro ie: being able to see a job through from concept to print
Colour retouching

Location: Durban
Availability: 01 March 2016
Level: Entry to Senior

Although we like monkeying around, we’re serious about producing a world class surf magazine, so no chancers.

CONTACT: andy@zigzag.co.za

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