25 June, 2016 25 June, 2016

Twiggy Takes Puerto!

South African Big Wave World Champ, Grant “Twiggy” Baker stormed to victory in the first event of the Big Wave World Tour in perfect, heaving 12 – 18 foot Puerto Escondido. The Durbanite scored a perfect ten for an epic, double-spitting tube, to be hocked out onto the shoulder and giving him an unassailable 27.5 out of 30.

Brazilian Pedro Calado tried valiantly to chase him down through the final and Greg Long, almost turned it around in the dying minutes with a long, heavy tunnel that shut him down and left the door open for Baker to climb the podium, with Long in Second and Calado in 3rd. What a great start to the Big Wave season, here’s hoping this lines up the SA champ for another Big Wave World Championship! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll catch up with Twiggy just as soon as he gets out the water and wipes the Corona out of his eyes.

More to follow.

Lead image © Seth de Roulet

The 2016 Puerto Escondido Challenge champion, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, in his happy place.

10 points for Twig.

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