30 October, 2017 30 October, 2017


The Beach Co-op have been cleaning Surfers Corner, Muizenberg since 2015. What started out as a volunteer beach clean-up developed into a full grown Non Profit Company. Their mission is to eliminate single-use plastics in South Africa by engaging rigorously and creatively with all stakeholders in the plastic supply chain.

 Their objectives are too:

  • Work collaboratively with brands and companies that want to use less plastic.
  • Encourage manufacturers to design plastic packaging with a circular economy in mind, design for recyclability.
  • Support communities to generate livelihoods in plastic removal from beaches, job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities related to new product design.
  • Encourage consumers to change behaviour  by using less and or refusing it when making purchases. 

So get out their, grab your mates and start cleaning your beaches. Nobody likes a dirty beach, and plus, you could win yourself a Firewire. Nothing wrong rolling with a 7k surfboard underarm.

Learn more about the Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign here.



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