4 March, 2014 4 March, 2014

‘True To This’ Premiere – Durban & Cape Town

If surfing wasn’t the all-consuming pastime that it is, you’d probably be skating. If you lived near some snow-capped mountains, you’d most likely be snowboarding. Some of us find a way to pursue all three, while others only crossover to one other.

Mitch Colborn, no brakes.

We’re all after the same rush though; surfers, skaters and snowboarders alike. There’s something inexplicably rad about cruising without brakes or limits while standing on a board. Something that gets us so hooked that it starts to control our minds, which are invariably pondering our next session. Unfortunately for many of us, real life gets in the way far too often.

Well, hopefully real life doesn’t get in the way of your Wednesday (Durban) or Friday (Cape Town) night plans this week, because Volcom are premiering their brand new movie ‘True To This’ and they’re inviting you along.

Check out part IV of The Making of ‘True To This’ to get an idea of what you’re in for at the premieres (times and details below). Big tricks and good times (oh, and free Coronas).

Durban PremiereUpstairs (Spiga) – 5 March – 7:00pm
Cape Town PremiereThe Pit – 7 March – 7:00pm
Admission: Nada / zilch. Just show up.

Official press release below.


When Volcom was founded in 1991, it was the first company to combine surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding under one brand from its inception. This way of life influenced the anti-establishment style and attitude that defined a generation. The cultural phenomenon was best captured when Volcom released “Alive We Ride” in 1993: a film documenting the raw excitement and spontaneous creativity inherent to the lifestyle. Twenty years later, with the release of “True To This”, Volcom again captures the energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms. Shot all around the world and showcasing iconic athletes, “ True To This” is a tribute to the movement that inspired a generation and the people and places that embody that spirit today.


Volcom would like to invite you to join us for the South African premier tour of “True To This”. The tour kicks off in Durban at Upstairs on the 5th March, before moving down to Cape Town where it will be shown at The Pit on the 7th March. Ice cold Coronas will be on hand to quench your thirst and Volcom will be providing snacks on the evening. Following the movie screening at The Pit, Volcom will hosting a best trick event on the mini ramp with cash and booze up for grabs!

‘True To This’
A feature film celebrating America’s First Boarding Company.

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