24 July, 2019 24 July, 2019

Time for Ciggies to Butt Out

Plastic straws are the target du jour of corporations and armchair conservationists, but actually, it should be ciggies. Not only do they piss a lot of people off prior to being flicked away like that ant crawling up your leg, but their disposal has also largely been unregulated, meaning a nearly unlimited number hit the seas so it’s no wonder that they just might be the biggest man-made contaminant of the world’s oceans. 

So let’s add stompies to the long list of things that have made living conditions hell for the wildlife. Plastic bags and fishing line have got sea life in a chokehold, any longer and they may just tap out.

Polar bears are being forced to venture into cities and adopt a bin raiding baboon like lifestyle as a result of melting of ice shelves and then there are the multiple species knocking at extinctions front door. And guess who’s behind the door ready to welcome them, it’s you me and everyone in between. 

So along with all the plastic littering the shoreline that you obviously pick up (cause you’re environmentally conscious) don’t forget those stompies. Then, once you’ve done that gooi it in a Tuffy Bag snap some pics and send an entry to the Tuffy Clean Your Beach competition. You might get a M*A*T Surfboard delivered to your doorstep + some accessories from RYD Land and Sea for your efforts. Talk about a win-win!

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