14 October, 2016 14 October, 2016

The Untold Story Of Andy Irons

Andy Irons – 3x times world champion, life enthusiast, Kelly Slater’s biggest rival and arguably one of the best and most stylish surfers in history.  Andy lived a life full of passion, success and challenges that pushed him to the best and worst version of himself. Many rumors have swirled around the zealous surfer and now, six years after his untimely death, a documentary about the true, uncensored story of Andy Irons is in the making.

“This is the life story of three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons who died at age 32 from a heart attack with the secondary cause being an acute mixture of drugs. Andy and his brother, Bruce, came from humble beginnings on the small Hawaiian island of Kauai. The film chronicles Andy’s struggles with dyslexia, bipolar disease, self-medication, addiction, fame, success, and failure. Andy was a blue collar people’s champ who dealt with the same issues millions of people around the world struggle with every day. He died on November 2, 2010. His wife was eight months pregnant with their son, Axel, at the time. The film featured in-depth interviews with Andy’s brother Bruce Irons, his wife Lyndie Irons, Joel Parkinson, Nathan Fletcher, Sunny Garcia and Kelly Slater.”

Should enough funds be raised through the Kickstarter campaign, the film will be released early next year. Given the trailer, it’s bound to be a tearjerker.

For the full, theoretical trailer, click HERE.

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