29 June, 2018 29 June, 2018


So it’s the 5th day of the Ballito Pro and 4th episode of the Monster Energy Cash Up pres by Zigzag. The day started off like a corporate golf day… sunny, calm casual and calculated. The beach was packed just after sunrise and the vibe was, as the youth say, LIT A.F!! For the older generation that means it was banging. But, as the day progressed the wind pulled through presenting those still competing for the title with challenging conditions.

In the end, after a wicked day of surfing, and a chokka block full V.I.P deck that rivaled the Oscars, the Moster Energy Cash Up pres. by Zigzag went into its 4th edition. The crowd, more hyped than royalty bearing witness to Achilles as he locked horns with Spartacus were treated to a pinky raising edition of stoke. The Gladiator coming out on top and earning his keep…. Shane Sykes…. Just take a look at this R rated piece of surfing.

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