25 June, 2018 25 June, 2018

The 2018 Monster Cash Up EP.1

Zigzag along with Monster, are out here to reward the most in your face, loudest and flair-fueled surfing outside of the contest heats at the Ballito Pro pres. Billabong, provided conditions allow. This is a no holds bar event. So, time to back your talk, get out there and stunt. Let’s see you claim, let’s hear those ‘yeeeews’, we want to get you paid. CASH. IN. HAND. Imagine surfing yourself into an outer body experience, and then being rewarded immediately by the frothers at Zag and Monster, waiting, standing on the beach with an envelope full of cash! Stop dreaming and start living that’s what we out here for mate, get your free surfing on and go H.A.M. 

So how did it all shape out on day one? Well, the first day of the Ballito Pro went down like a freshly pressed litchi juice after a 4-hour session, an absolute treat. And you can bet all your dollar that the first cash up session was just as bomb. Your commander and chief of the day, Krystian Kymerson. No stranger to the winning ways of the Monster Energy Cash Up presented by Zigzag as he took home a fistful of blue Madiba’s last year and again today. His winning run, just RIDIC!! shoving pops all over the jol, take a look. 







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