26 April, 2018 26 April, 2018

Surfing Lake Gets Green Light in Scotland

Scotland, the latest to board the artificial wave train or as they are calling it surf centre. Based on the outskirts of Edinburgh, the ‘Wavegarden’ has been given planning consent to turn Craigpark Quarry pit near Ratho into a huge lake with a machine recreating waves for any level of surfer. The pool will be able to pump out a 1,000 waves an hour. The £15m facility promises to create 130 jobs whilst offering a heap of different adventure activities.

Andy Hadden, the co-founder of Tartan Leisure Ltd which is developing Wavegarden Scotland, said: “We are thrilled that the plans for Wavegarden Scotland have been approved. We believe that this facility will deliver many benefits for the local community and for Scotland by offering world-class adventure leisure amenities alongside a wonderful country park, for walkers, runners and cyclists to enjoy.”

“Alongside this, we expect to create up to 130 jobs and generate up to £11m for the local economy every year. Another very exciting aspect of Wavegarden Scotland is the opportunity to nurture surfing and sporting talent. With Scotland’s own surfing team starting to make a mark on the global surf scene, we hope to inspire the next generation of surfers, lifeguards, and active outdoor enthusiasts.”

Bets on when SA will jump onboard the Surf Ranch train? 

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