5 October, 2020 5 October, 2020

Surfer Magazine Dead at 60

Bye bye miss American Pie. Sad news out of California over the weekend. The iconic Surfer Magazine has shut its doors. Founded in 1960, the oldest surf magazine in publication, Surfer was known as the ‘bible of the sport’. And for years here at Zigzag we tracked and measured our output in relation to theirs. In 2019 the mag was sold to American Media, who publish the tabloid National Enquirer. Not a good sign, but as former Surfer editor, Matt Warshaw said in a eulogy on Beachgrit, “Surfer had been hanging by a thread since it was sold to American Media in early 2019, but the clock has been ticking since Al Gore invented the internet… The internet marched SURFER to the cliff — all the virus did was finger-push it over the edge.”

Here at Zag we raise a glass to Surfer for all the inspiration over the years and return to our desks with renewed determination to continue this joy ride; producing a world class surf magazine to inspire and delight our audience, holding on to what works and finding new ways to thrive in these weird times.

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