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Surf Fins Made From Recycled Bottle Caps

There are approximately 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans. It takes about 450 years for a plastic bottle to totally degrade.

The crew behind Shaka Surf decided that there were enough bottle caps floating around for them to be able to source enough plastic waste to produce a very funky and eco-friendly surf fin.

The Shaka Surf eco surf fins are made from recycled bottle caps and other recycled materials to form a composite material, which then goes into the moulding fabrication. The fins are eco friendly, and with their composites, offer great performance.

The man behind Shaka Surf, Dominick Taylor, describes his ideology behind the concept. “We’re taking plastics out of the ocean and putting them to better use,” said Taylor of the basis of his company. “I think that most surfers and non-surfers alike appreciate what we do.”

The Shaka Surf 9″ eco single fin uses approximately 70 plastic caps, while their medium G5 high performance fins use approximately 50 plastic caps in their fabrication. The fins are available in FCS 1, FCS 2 and Futures.

The Shaka Surf fins are designed for use with longboards, SUPs, single fins, retro boards, cosmic cruisers and high performance shortboards. They are environmentally friendly, high performing and ultimately helping reduce plastic waste in our oceans and beaches. Their fin guide is right here.

“To be a surfer is on the one hand a very selfish pursuit,” said Taylor. “It often means you’re going to let down people close to you because you want to go surf good waves at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, I think most surfers have some level of environmental awareness and will do their best to be good custodians of Mother Earth. So, being a surfer for me is about surfing when there are good waves, and trying to give back a little whenever I can.”

As well as recycling waste materials and plastics to make their recycled fins Shaka Surf also wanted to create a standout design. So they enlisted the help of a street artist to come up with a unique aesthetic. This lead to the development of the Swell Lines Collection, paying homage to surfing culture and oceanography. See more here 

And please remember, #saynotoplastics


  1. Craig
    30 August, 2019 at 6:00 pm · Reply

    So cool. Need more companies like this. The whole environmental thing is happening rather quickly. Fantastic. Hope the surfers support this initiative in a big way.

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