18 October, 2017 18 October, 2017

Sneak Peak – 41.8

Spring is here! flowers are blooming, love birds chirping, and the sun’s setting late enough to enjoy a post work surf sesh. We thought we’d follow suit and freshen up our cover with the Fresh Prince aka Brandon Benjamin. Brandon’s been cleaning up lately, taking out SA Champs and the the Vic Bay Quad. The man was even on national television! Since when do you see surfing on television!? Did etv run outta content? Just jokes. The Fresh Prince deserved to be on the box.

Anyway here’s a sneak peak into issue 41.8, we’ve painstakingly taken all the data from our reader survey and plugged it into our feature; You, Me & the Sea. So better enjoy! Cause that was  a lot of hard work and late nights.

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Feature: The Fresh Prince 

Meet the newly crowned SA Champion, the kid from Retreat who’s bringing the heat.


Feature: Tales From the Pit

Real-life stories by our readers; including a tribute to surfing’s brotherhood, the early days of J-Bay, plus some trouble in paradise.


Feature: You, Me and the Sea 

A look at who we are in 2017. The results of Zag’s reader survey says a lot about us as Saffa surfers.

Feature: Why Surf? 

This issues photo feature, also includes a very good reason to tell your mom / dad / significant other why you should be surfing more.


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