11 June, 2016 11 June, 2016

Semifinalists decided at JBU Supertrial

The first two rounds have been surfed and the semi finals decided in pumping waves at the 2016 JBU Supertrial in Jeffrey’s Bay.

The waves keep coming and the action doesn’t stop as Supertubes delivers corduroy perfection.

Round 1

Heat 1: 1st Greg Emslie, 2nd Dan Redman, 3rd Jordy Maree, 4th Dylan Stone.
Heat 2: 1st Remi Peterson, 2nd Stever Sawyer, 3rd. Joshe Faulkner, 4. Calvin Goor.
Heat 3: 1st Matt Bromley, 2nd Simon Fish, 3rd Ricky Basnett, 4th Warren Dean.
Heat 4: 1st Dave Van Zyl, 2nd Sean Holmes, 3rd Brandon Jackson, 4th Sebastian Williams.


Heat 1: 1st Steven Sawyer, 2nd Slade Prestwich, 3rd Greg Emslie, 4th Beyrick de Vries.
Heat 2: 1st Dale Staples, 2nd Ryan Payne, 3rd Dan Redman, 4th Remi Peterson.
Heat 3: 1st Sean Holmes, 2nd Dylan Lightfoot, 3rd Matt Bromley, 4th Shaun Payne.
Heat 4: 1st Dave van Zyl, 2nd Matt McGillivray, 3rd Mikey February, 4th Simon Fish.

Heat 1
Steven Sawyer
Slade Prestwich
Dale Staples
Ryan Payne

Heat 2
Sean Holmes
Dylan Lightfoot
Dave van Zyl
Matt McGillivray

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