11 August, 2016 11 August, 2016

Saffas Heat Up The ISA World Surfing Games

Like the blazing Costa Rica sun that our Saffas are currently under, the action has been heating up at the INS ISA World Games. Later this afternoon we will see Day 5 kick off and our South Africans are still fighting to bring home the gold. In case you missed it, the current situation for team SA is looking like this…


SA’s Faye Zoetmulder at the ISA World Surfing Games. Photo By: Jimenez / ISA

Our ladies, Faye Zoetmaulder and Tanika Hoffman, started off strong with the Main Event Round 1. The next day saw them get bumped into the Repecharge round in some shifty beach break conditions. But these two have gees and went on to advance to Repecharge Round 3 with Tanika posting an excellent 9,3. Viva!


Team USA watch SA’s shredding Tanika Hoffman. Photo By: Jimenez / ISA

Jordy Maree was looking like the man to beat on Day 3 of the competition after a cracker round 1 Repecharge heat. Maree posted the highest single wave score of the day – a 9.63 for a series of his trademark backhand hacks only to back it up with a 7.0 point ride. However the junior was eliminated in the next round and will go on to join team mascot, manager and Surfing South Africa president, Johnny Baker to support his fellow team mates. But no stress Jordy, we will check you on the live webcast again at the VISSLA ISA World Junior Champs in the Azores next month.


Almost every proud Saffa can all relate to this patriot… Photo By: Jimenez / ISA

Shane Sykes and Matthew McGillivray have been looking solid in the first two Main Rounds of the event. But it ain’t always easy to find those runners in the small beachie line up and both Matt and Shane were clipped in Round 3. The safety net of the grueling Repecharge Round means that they have another chance, but will have to take the long road to the finals. Shane and Matt will be coming up in Round 4 of the Repecharge Round and looking to gather some momentum.


Matt McGillvray – captain of his own ship. Photo By: Jimenez / ISA

Dylan, in the meantime, was klapped by a nasty tropical virus. He was hospitalized and tested for likes of Zika and Dengue Fever. But the results were clean and he managed to regain enough strength to earn hero status by going on to win his Repecharge Round 1 Heat. Today he will join Jordy and Johnny for support duty after struggling to find his rhythm in his Round 2 Repecharge heat, unfortunately being eliminated.

Team SA – keep sipping on them coconuts, enjoying the tropics and dreaming of gold. We will be huddled up with steaming tea and supporting you through the computer screens. Watch all the live action HERE.


A serious Shane Sykes runs into battle. Photo By: Jimenez / ISA

*Lead Image: Faye Zoetmulder returns to land after her heat. Photo By: Evans / ISA

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  1. guavaberry
    11 August, 2016 at 10:16 am · Reply

    SSA needs to select SA sides which have surfers suited to the conditions. With these dribble conditions a couple of Muizenberg guys would have done well.

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