7 September, 2016 7 September, 2016

SA Big Wave Favourites Head For The Giant Cow

Jeremy Johnson and Twiggy are two of 48 big wave chargers from around the world, who have been invited to surf in big wave event, La Vaca Gigante (presented by Oakley), in Spain this month. La Vaca Gigante translates to ‘The Giant Cow’ in Spanish, to which the big wave spot has been named…

According to a La Vaca Gigante press statement (with the help of Google Translate), “the spectacular list of athletes who have received the invitation to be able to challenge the Giant Cow presented by Oakley is, without doubt, one of the most powerful in the history of a big wave event at a national level.” And according to Pedro Gutiérrez, Sports Director of The Test Pedro Gutierrez, our Twiggy appears to be one of the top dogs…

“It is complicated to highlight one above the rest, but it is clear that athletes enshrined internationally such as Jaimie Mitchell or the great world legend Grant Twiggy Baker are the main favourites,” says Gutierrez.

Big ups Jem and Twig, grab the bull by the horns!

*More on the La Vaca Gigante event HERE (if you can speak Spanish). #LaVacaXXL

**Lead Image: Twiggy at Sunset © Alan van Gysen

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