22 March, 2014 22 March, 2014

Rest In Peace, Jessica Nicholson

It was with great sadness that Zag heard of the passing of Jess Nicholson this morning, Saturday, 22 March. Mother of two brave children, Joel (5) and Anna (2), and wife of former pro, Simon Nicholson, Jess bravely fought the battle against a tumour that had been diagnosed in February last year.

“I said goodbye to my soul mate this morning” reported Simon with a heavy heart. “I promised her I will raise our beautiful kids in a way that makes her proud. So lucky to have shared 17 years with you, my angel. What an adventure. I promise I will come find you. Thank you to everybody who supported us in the last year. We lived and have no regrets.”


Thousands from the surfing family both in South Africa and abroad have also been saddened by the news. So many have rallied in support of the Nicholson’s fight with cancer, by helping organise #Jessgetwellsoon fundraisers, offering words of support to keep spirits high, as well as donating money to help pay for medical costs.

The strength shown by Jess and Simon through these testing times has been an inspiration to any who have been involved in their story.

Rest in Peace, Jess.



  1. uncleonc
    24 March, 2014 at 1:39 pm · Reply

    Firstly my sincerest condolences
    Secondly,i wish you could’ve replied to my questions and I would’ve freely assisted and provided you with extremely accurate information,
    Not entering into a should’ve,would’ve debate,I think peace of mind would’ve been our joint conclusion.

    • Justaguest
      25 March, 2014 at 12:01 pm · Reply

      With all due respect Uncleonc, I think you’re skirting very close to the edge of a should’ve/would’ve debate at a highly questionable time when the loss is still so very real for all concerned. I’m not sure if I would have the time to deal with a random persons oncology opinions on a surfing forum if I was in a position of the Nicholson family so perhaps if you had so much to add, you could have explored more effective means of communication? Anyway, I can assure you, Jess received the best possible treatment available. I don’t want to enter into a debate with you, I appreciate your effort to help but I don’t agree with your last statement, I think its distasteful.

      • uncleonc
        25 March, 2014 at 6:55 pm · Reply

        In Hindsight Not Having A Histology In Front Of Me,A Totally Distateful Reply On My Behalf. I Apologise.
        But I Must Mention,Because Reading A Single Post On Here Doesn’t Do Any Justice In My Defence,Is That I Did Offer Information ,Way Back When It Was First Mentioned Here on Zag Initially,And It Seemed To Me Public Assistance WAs Required Since It Was Made publiC
        Lets Just Leave It At That Then?
        For Others…..
        I Deal With It Every Day,Oncology Is A Minefield That People Have To Blindly Negotiate On A daily Basis.
        If Any inside information I Leak out On These Boards Helps Just One Person,Then My Job Is Done

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