6 February, 2012 6 February, 2012

PE Surfer breaks neck surfing cyclone swell

PE local Brent Sinclair was in KZN recently to cash in on some meaty east swell action courtesy of cyclone Funso. What was to be a lekker solo holiday with his trusty surf dog and fishing rods, turned into an unfortunate affair when he suffered a broken neck surfing chunky waves on the South Coast.

Excerpt from original story:

“Next thing he looked up to see a solid 6ft set looming down on him, and with nowhere to go he decided to bail his board and dive under the wave. The mother-lode exploded right on him, pushing him right down to the bottom, where he klapped his pip on the rocks a tit shot. In Brent’s own words “I got brained!”

Lifeguards on scene stabilised him and got him off to ICU at Margate, where they put him into a CAT scan to suss out what was going on with his neck. You know the saying about do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, Brent got downright weird news! The Doc came back and told him he’d not only bust his neck now – but he’d actually bust it twice before as well! The previous two times Brent had just thought he’d tweaked it pretty bad, even going off to the chiro to get it sorted! Turns out Brent might just be the cat with 9 lives…”

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