9 October, 2018 9 October, 2018

Oil Spill – Tunisian Ferry T-Bones Anchored Containership

French and Italian authorities have managed to create groot kak for themselves, as they respond to one serious environmental boo-boo. An oil spill has following an incident wherein a ferry collided with an anchored container ship in the Mediterranean Sea off the island of Corsica. But, how? The one ship wasn’t even moving? This is basic behavior whilst operating any moving object -‘DON’T HIT ANYTHING”

The event occurred this last Sunday morning wherein the Tunisian roll-on/roll-off ferry Ulysses smashed into the broadside T-boning the guts out of the Cypriot registered containership CLS Virginia anchored sum 28 km north. I feel the first mistake was dubbing the boat ‘Ulysses” a man who couldn’t find his way home for 10 years.

But in all honesty, the event spells disaster for the surrounding marine life, the oceans seem to take stick where ever they go nowadays. The collision caused a breach of the container ship’s hull measuring several meters and resulting in the release of bunker fuel.

According to France’s Maritime Prefecture for the Mediterranean, an oil slick measuring 20 km long by several hundred meters wide has been observed moving to the northwest. Thankfully the starboard side that bore the brunt of the damage was not loaded with any containers. Imagine it was packed with nurdles!!! Crisis!! Both French and Italian assets have been dispatched to assist with the cleanup and response.

Clean-up on isle Med it seems. 

Maritime Prefecture – Mediterranean

Maritime Prefecture – Mediterranean

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  1. jenni
    9 October, 2018 at 6:19 pm · Reply

    Hope they manage to clean up the spill with as minimal environmental impact as possible !!
    Rookie error with grave consequence !!

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