12 November, 2019 12 November, 2019


Honestly, picking a winner each month is so tough, just know that in Zags eyes you’re all winners. It’s radical to see what the people of SA are doing out there to ensure our beaches are in top nic! But it has to be done…

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your salty bits and sand-covered toes together for Thian Basson. Although the script needed a little bit of work, we were unable to fault them on the effort they put in. Two big days of cleaning from the Bassons well played to everyone involved. 

Big shout out to Tuffy, M*A*T Surfboards and RYD Land & Sea for coming together this year to inject something new into the Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign. With more prizes up for grabs cleaning your beach never made more sense.

Bummed you missed out? Don’t be you still got the rest of the year to board the Clean Your Beach train! So get moving and get cleaning. Until next time, keep it clean, peace.

Besides the stinky cheese copywriting, this was a great effort. Two days of sandblasted skin and wind chill! Thian Basson, we salute you.


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