9 March, 2015 9 March, 2015

Life and Death At Sunset

On Saturday while the surf community was mulling over the cancellation of the Dungeons big wave event, a life-and-death drama was quietly unfolding at Sunset Reef in Kommetjie.

Jack Truscott is no novice to big wave surfing.

After taking off on a big wave on the peak, Cape surfer Jack Truscott suffered a crushing wipeout. The whitewater landed squarely on his head and shoulders at the bottom of  the wave, breaking five ribs and puncturing his lung in the process. He somehow made it to the beach on his own where Andre Claassen and fellow big wave surfers found him. They immediately assisted Truscott and got him medical help.

“We found him on the beach very disoriented, he couldn’t lift his arms and was unable to breath. I have no idea how he made it in from the peak on his own in that state. It’s amazing what adrenaline can do,” Claassen told Zigzag earlier today.

Ant Fox
Jeremy Johnson, taking the first wave of the day at Sunsets.

Truscott was in Intensive Care at the time of going to press and could not be reached for comment, but we were able to speak to his wife Natalie, who has thanked the big wave community for their help, thoughts and prayers.

“He is currently in a lot of pain but will be ok,” she said. “No surfing for at least three months. Jack said he has had worse wipeouts but can’t actually remember what happened on this wave. A big thanks to everyone who helped and who has called, we all really appreciate it.”

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  1. Kev
    10 March, 2015 at 1:42 pm · Reply

    Heavy one bro. Get better quick!

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