21 September, 2016 21 September, 2016

Let’s Be Frank – For One Week

From Hout Bay to Hollywood… Who is Frank Solomon and how did he get his own movie?

Frank Solomon might not be a household name on the international surf scene, but that’s set to change with the release of (what’s been dubbed) the biggest surf film of 2016: Let’s Be Frank – The Double Life of Frank James Solomon.

Let’s Be Frank | The Double Life of Frank James Solomon

Starring SA big wave charger Frank Solomon (duh), Jon Florence, Andy Mackay, Josh Redman, Jamie O’Brien and Grant Spooner with a killer score by Ben Harper – there’s no denying that Let’s Be Frank is one of the most unique, genre-bending and controversial mock-doc surf thrillers on the scene.


Man of mystery, Frank Solomon, in an epic ‘Fight Club’ scene stunt co-ordinated by Richard Ryan (Sherlock Holmes).

Guns, drugs, money and naked bodies – Let’s Be Frank is a fictitious and wickedly imaginative exposé of the ‘big wave’ surfing lifestyle. But of course there are elements of a twisted truth. “I’ve always had a job,” says Frank Solomon in a revealing feature interview in the latest issue of Zigzag 40.7, “I just never told anyone because I was trying to keep the dream alive…”


The film, directed by the renowned Peter Hamblin, is now available for mahala on Red Bull TV, for one week and one week only. Love it or hate it, burn it or boast about it – check out Let’s Be Frank between 19-26 September 2016 on Red Bull TV HERE.

While you wait for the buffer, check out some frozen moments from the Frank film below and ponder the question: Who is the real Frank Solomon?


A Donovan Frankenreiter appearance.


Andy living the high life.


So called ‘big wave riders’.


Frank dives deep into the Atlantic.


Frank goes to Mexico with a mule.


This is it!


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