12 April, 2015 12 April, 2015

Young Surfer Fatally Attacked by Shark in Reunion

13 year-old surfer, Elio Canestri, was fatally attacked by a shark while surfing near Boucan Canot in the Saint-Gilles les Bains area on the west coast of Reunion. The attack occurred at approximately 9:00am this morning, Sunday 12 April.

The attack took place at Les Aigrettes near Boucan Canot.

According to reports, Elio, one of Reunion’s best young surfers, was taking part in a surf coaching session when the attack happened.

Following a spate of attacks which began in 2011, authorities imposed a ban on surfing in July 2013. This ban was extended in February this year, however, special dispensation was recently granted to local surf clubs to hold protected training sessions. These would allow some of the island’s best surfers to prepare for upcoming events. One of the requirements for these training sessions, though, was to have divers in the water with spearguns protecting the surfers. Unfortunately, reports suggest that no divers were present during this morning’s session.

In total, 16 attacks have now taken place off the west coast of the island in the past four years, with seven of these fatal.

ANOTHER shark attack in Reunion island this morning. 13 years old Elio was one of our best up and coming surfer. Words…

Posted by Jeremy Flores on Sunday, 12 April 2015

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