7 February, 2014 7 February, 2014

WP Surfing To Present Premiere Of Award Winning Film ‘Heaven’s Gate’

Western Province Surfing will present the Award winning film, Heaven’s Gate, at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town at 8:30pm on February 21st as a fundraiser for the Western Province Development Surfer Programme.

The aim of WP Development Surfer Programme is to support and fund the coaching and training the development of a number of high potential surfers to the point where they are able to compete in the South African Junior Surfing Championships and beyond.

Heaven’s Gate, a winner at both the BANFF Film Festival and at the Red Bull Outdoor Film Asia, will bring you to the edge of your seat as you join legendry wingsuit pilot, Jeb Corliss in his attempt to be the first person to fly through a closed structure at Tiananmen Mountain in China.

Watch as Corliss attempts to fly through the sacred site known as Heaven’s Gate, an archway carved out of the mountain, and hold your breath along with half a billion people, including his mother, as he drops from a helicopter and soars toward the opening.

All of the drama is captured perfectly by Fresh Air Crew. Liro Seppanen is the Producer and the Director is Nic Good

The movie will run from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on February 21st and bookings should be made by calling the Labia on 021 424 5927. The website is http://www.thelabia.co.za

Tickets cost R100 each and proceeds from the evening will go to supporting the Western Province Development Surfer Programme.

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