8 October, 2013 8 October, 2013

Whale carcass washes up on Eastern Beach – Locals warn of increased shark activity

There’s been a number of reports by Slummies locals of a whale carcass that washed up onto Eastern Beach near the aquarium yesterday.

Legend photographer, Louis Wulff, posted the following warning to his Facebook account:

“Just a shout out to all my buds. Be careful at the moment, as it is reported that a whale carcass is washed up between Easterns and Orient – so lank shark activity is expected. Be careful in the Nahoon / Easterns surrounds, guys.”

Over the years Zag has learnt that when Louis talks, then it’s wise to heed his words.

So keep those eyes peeled if you’re planning a surf at Nahoon or Eastern Beach for the next couple of days – locals and visitors alike.

Eastern Beach may be tempting, but discretion is advised for the time being.

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