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Help Out a Surfing Brother

Cape surfer, Neil Parker, is facing a challenge more gnarly and frightening than a clean-up set at Dungeons.

Neil suffers from a serious (and recently, near-fatal) digestive system illness, which has seen him undergo a series of operations that have left him bed-ridden and in and out of hospital since July 2014; the month his son, Faro, was born.

It’s been a while since his last stoke-filled session.

Faro is now nearly 9 months old, and although Neil’s prognosis looks positive after his latest operation, he faces a long road to recovery with the added burden of financial problems weighing him down.

A nature lover and passionate environmentalist, Neil has been running his own renewable energy business in the Cape. His extended hospitalisation and his prolonged absence have compromised his previously profitable business, however, and the successful but nonetheless ongoing medical treatment has drained all his resources.

Which is why friends of Neil have approached Zag to ask if we could spread the word.

Neil and wife, Agata, before and after the birth of young Faro.

A dedicated bank account has been set up for donations to assist the Parkers. If you’re able, donations can be made to the following account. A little goes a long way:

Acc Name: Neil Parker Recovery Fund
Acc No: 070013926
Code: 051001
Standard Bank
Thibault Square
Business Current Account

SWIFT ADDRESS (for international transfers): SBZAZAJJ

For more details you can contact Neil’s friend, Sean Rohm on 084 582 2601 or by e-mail – sean@yellowwoodforest.co.za

More details about Neil’s condition can be read here >>

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