12 April, 2018 12 April, 2018

Jason Statham In A Movie About Giant Sharks

So, word on the street is that Hollywoods most hardcore bald dude, Jason Statham, is set to star in a movie where he battles a 75-foot shark that cost the movie company something like $150 million, what a load of sh*t. Introducing ‘The Meg’. Now the only thing more kak than the name will probably be the movie. But the most damaging aspect of the film won’t be to Jason Statham’s career but rather to sharks in general. Personally, I feel it’s time the movie industry hang up their fins when it comes to such nonsense. Sharks have enough problems where their street cred is concerned, these films only perpetuate the negative portrayal of one of the oceans keystone species. Anyway, here’s the trailer. Watch it, don’t watch we don’t care.  

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