30 June, 2012 30 June, 2012

Zigzag.co.za gets a makeover

There’s nothing like a fresh lineup. © AVG

Hola and welcome to the new Zag site.
It’s a work in progress but we’re sure you’re going to like what you find here. We’ve stripped down the fat from our old website and have beefed up the important stuff, like our top notch photo galleries and Zag TV section.

We’re not holding back on the juicy content either and will be investing more and more in the exclusive stories, breaking features and quality journalism that have made us the go-to for South African surfing.

We’ve also introduced a couple of new sections, like the Surf Spy, to make sure you never miss a beat and are always in the loop. Speaking of which, check out the direct line to our unique wave forecasting partner swell.co.za under the tide and forecast section on the homepage.

If you see this man, buy him a beer. Or a razor.

None of this would have been possible without the hard graft of our digital man-slave, Kyle-Ben Snyders, or KB for short. KB has been working night and day while living off the Online Ed’s toastie crusts to get this puppy up and running. So if you find him lurking at a bar or the beach, buy him a beer. He deserves it, and it’ll make a welcome change from his 3/3 coffees (3 spoons of coffee, 3 spoons of sugar – we kid you not).

Well, what are you doing still reading this? Take your mouse for a spin around the new zigzag.co.za and let us know what you think. (For all compliments and props, email the online editor on calvin@zigzag.co.za. For all complaints and abuse, Kyle-Ben.Snyders@media24.com)

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