24 February, 2015 24 February, 2015

Volcom Wins Two SIMA Image Awards


Costa Mesa, CA – February 18, 2015 – Volcom is proud to announce our recognition at the annual SIMA Image Awards. Winning ‘Boardshort Of The Year’ and ‘Women’s Brand Of The Year’, signals a new age for Volcom as we have worked endlessly to elevate our focus on quality products created for the lifestyle we love.


Volcom Mod-Tech Boardshorts, for which we received this honor, exemplify our commitment to cre- ating products inspired by and built for surfing. We continually push the boundaries of where style meets function, and our recognition as ‘Boardshort Of The Year’ helps to validate the hard work and energy we have put into these meticulously crafted boardshorts. With signature details and trademark features, the Volcom Mod-Tech Boardshorts represent two decades of testing our products in some of the world’s harshest environments. And we thought we were just having fun!

Over a year ago, Volcom put additional focus and resources towards the women’s division. The result of this effort was a new beautifully crafted women’s vision, created to inspire a higher level of con- sciousness. SIMA recognized the work of our forward-thinking Volcom Women’s team by presenting them with the coveted award for ‘Women’s Brand Of The Year’. Looking to the future the team will continue what they started, exploring new ways to showcase the female perspective of the True To This movement and design collections that not only exemplify our lifestyle but enhance the ability to live it.

“On behalf of the Volcom family we are ecstatic to be recognized for these two momentous awards. I’m very proud of our team for all the focus and hard work to continuously ignite the spirit of Volcom. To be recognized by our peer group is an incredible honor and we truly appreciate the acknowledge- ment.” – Jason Steris, Volcom CEO

The Volcom Men’s (left) and Women’s teams.


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