13 November, 2013 13 November, 2013

True To This – A Motion Picture Celebrating America’s First Boarding Company

Surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders are all part of a family connected by our passion for mastering the art and skill of boarding. We even share the same names for manoeuvres.

And despite not getting the kind of snowfall needed to support a large snowboarding community, we still have a solid group of boardriding addicts across the country who dig to try their skills at all three.

They’re the ones who are going to froth for Volcom’s upcoming release TRUE TO THIS the most, but even those who have time for only one discipline are going to appreciate the skill and flow shown by the boarders performing the others.

Check out the trailer below, then stay tuned to zigzag.co.za or Volcom South Africa for details of the screenings Volcom are planning for its release in 2014.


A motion picture celebrating America’s First Boarding Company

When Volcom was founded in 1991, it was the first company to combine surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding under one brand from its inception.

This way of life influenced the anti-establishment style and attitude that defined a generation. The cultural phenomenon was best captured when Volcom released “Alive We Ride” in 1993: a film documenting the raw excitement and spontaneous creativity inherent to the lifestyle.

Twenty years later, with the release of “True To This”, Volcom again captures the energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms.

Shot all around the world and showcasing iconic athletes, “True To This” is a tribute to the movement that inspired a generation and the people and places that embody that spirit today.


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