7 March, 2013 7 March, 2013

Surfboards Found on KZN South Coast


This pair of sleds need to find their owner.

At the moment they are safe with Charl Tostee from Surf HQ in Durban, but Charl is looking to re-unite them with their owner.

He sent the image above, along with the details below of how the boards ended up in his surf shop:

These boards were found on the side of the road down the KZN South Coast in board bags – a bit scuffed up, so could have flown off a car.

A guy tried to sell them to us, but we gave him a small finder’s fee to secure them, and are hoping we can track the owner.

So, if you know who these belong to, or you recognise them as your own, then give Charl a call on the details below to re-unite a surfer and his sticks

Contact Charl Tostee at:
SURF HQ – 65 Sylvester Ntuli road (Brickhill road), Durban
Cell: 083 289 8037
Tel: (031) 368 7568

* Edit – The owners have responded and the boards have been returned to their rightful owners 

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