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Pollywog Set to Ride the E-Commerce Wave


(Durban, South Africa) With the growth in popularity of e-commerce retail solutions in South Africa over the past few years, Durban-based entrepreneur, former Springbok and professional surfer, Richard Edy, has launched an online sales platform to service the South African surfing community. Intent on riding the wave of current e-commerce growth, the site is called Pollywog and is positioned to become the go-to website for all surf-related product and fashion.


“Pollywog was born out of a passion for surfing and the ocean,” says Edy, “and our goal is to recreate the stoke that every surfer feels within the Pollywog experience. Exceptional service and professional advice is a key offering to customers. Great content, amazing photographs and world-class surf product will be our cornerstones as we take surfing beyond the beach and into the homes of every South African.”

Some of the brands that have already aligned with Pollywog include Fox, Vestal, O’Neill, Hurley, DC Shoes, Neff, Quiksilver, Roxy, Channel Islands, Sanuk and Skullcandy, and, as the platform’s user-base grows, so the range of products and brands will expand. To incentivise sign-ups, Pollywog users will be entitled to a 10% discount on their first order, and once signed up, will be able to take advantage of upcoming specials and competitions.

“Besides the discount for first timers, the launch specials are awesome,” Edy explained. “We have a buy one get one free deal on Neff watches, and with every purchase of a Vestal product, our customers will get a free t-shirt. Anyone purchasing an Ogio bag will get a free pair of in-ear headphones free, and that’s just to name a few. We’re planning a lot more deals as we head towards Christmas.”

Aside from the sign up and recruitment incentives and ongoing deals, Pollywog will also offer unique travel packages to some of the world’s most idyllic surf spots. Mozambique, Madagascar, the Maldives and the Mentawai Islands all feature in Pollywog’s travel section, and also include various added benefits.

“Among other great value offers, we will be including vouchers in our surf travel packages that can be redeemed on Pollywog,” Edy continued. “For instance, on certain packages we will give each traveler a voucher worth up to R6000 in certain instances, to spend on Pollywog. It’s a new smart way to book surf or family holidays and be able to stock up with all the items you might need for the trip.”

Convenience, value, and a seamless shopping experience will all be rolled into one on www.pollywog.co.za, and highlighted by mind-blowing content and imagery. So if you’re a surfer looking for the best deals in SA, pull in to Pollywog!



For further information, contact Richard Edy on richard@invisiblecactus.tv



  1. retailrat
    18 January, 2015 at 11:41 am · Reply

    what the point?
    If you’re gonna price goods like a retail shop then you’re gonna close shop
    This is supposed to be the deal,
    no rent,no staff,no shop = cheaper prices..NO?
    when is RSA going to get with the times?
    I dont want to order from o/s all the time
    even with R10/$ its still cheaper

  2. eugene
    12 November, 2021 at 9:44 pm · Reply

    this store is a waste of time ,most of the stuff shows as out of stock when you order and getting your money back is a hassle ,bunch of scammers

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