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Opening of 50 Years of Surfing in Durban Exhibition a Success

The 50 Years of Surfing in Durban Exhibition sponsored by the eThekwini Municipality and Durban Tourism and presented by South African Surfing Legends was opened to the public last night (Wednesday, 1 July). The event was attended by a number of City and National Government dignitaries, as well as Tom Hewitt of Surfers Not Street Children and Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, who was the special guest speaker.

Sifiso and Twig
Twiggy and Sifiso Mhlongo of Surfers Not Street Children enjoyed the opening.

“We had an amazing turnout. Durban’s best were there,” said exhibition organiser Patrick Flanagan. “The council has embraced surfing as a legitimate participation sport and there is also a drive to re-establish Durban as a surf travel destination. A big up to them for their vision and commitment. Every facet of the city’s surfing population as well as the not insignificant surf industry can only benefit from this enlightening approach.”

As well as a historic collection of surf photos, vintage surfboards and other Durban surfing memorabilia on display, a cheque for R20 000 was also handed over to Tom Hewitt of Surfers Not Street Children from the South African Surfing Legends foundation.

“Legends is all about creating a platform to grow junior surfing,” said Flanagan.

Tom Hewitt from Surfers Not Street Children thanked South African Surfing Legends after receiving a R20 000 show of support from Graham Cormac.

The exhibition runs for two months until the end of August and is open from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily. Entrance is free, so pull in and take a ride back in time.

The exhibition is on at the Pump House, just back from the New Pier promenade.

The exhibition features classics, like this rare shot of 1966 SA Champ, Robert McWade.

One of Durban’s first women surfers, Lorna Currie Thomopolous, features in the exhibition.

One of the showboards at the exhibition features some throwbacks to the radical 80’s.



  1. reg
    6 July, 2015 at 2:16 pm · Reply

    A1 on the exhibition…
    But Durban as a surf destination?
    The ANC Durban Metro must pull its finger out of its @rse.
    The Durban beachfront is governed by the Seashore Act which are regulations and guidelines over and above the normal city bylaws.
    You only need to visit the beachfront after 6pm to see what a f@kd up place it is.
    Drinking and p!ssing everywhere like its a f#kin free for all
    Metro police drive past the dozens of culprits and even stop to bum dops.
    Visit South Beach on a friday and saturday evening,then tell me if the council is proud of its beachfront.
    Its too easy for surfers to say,”it doesnt effect me,,, as I only use it during the day”
    Those surfers are probably the after 8am crowd,when all the shit has already been attempted to be cleaned up…minus the broken glass…
    This f*kd council must start by enforcing the seashore act before it can ride on the back of Surfing in Durban,not just sit back and refuse to admit there is a problem on our beachfront

    • craig
      10 July, 2015 at 7:30 am · Reply

      ha ha ha…good luck with that one…
      But i must agree,the surfing industry and a surfing destination starts long before anyone reaches the waters edge
      Anything other than that,becomes a corrupt and filthy cesspit…much like the state of the county,
      I wouldnt hold my breath….or maybe..only till you drive past…LOL

  2. pothief
    17 July, 2015 at 6:57 am · Reply

    nicely said chaps……..

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