19 December, 2014 19 December, 2014

Isurus Wetsuits – Now Available in South Africa

We are pleased to announce the launch of Isurus Wetsuits in South Africa with Mike Schlebach and Grant Baker looking after the brand locally. We have been testing the new suits for the past year and can honestly say they are next level in warmth and comfort with amazing durability.

These are premium wetsuits, designed and produced for the serious surfer in mind and Isurus wetsuits are designed and lined with a specially woven material that helps get oxygen rich blood to your muscles when it is needed most. Muscles that get increased blood flow and oxygen create less lactic acid, which allows you to surf stronger, stay warmer and perform better.


Exoskeleton Muscle Support System uses SCS tape technology and anatomically cut panels to help reduce fatigue causing muscle vibration which happens when the major muscles are not supported.


It is our opinion you can’t build the world’s best wetsuit unless you start with the world’s best neoprene. Japanese neoprene is considered the world’s best and Yamamoto neoprene is widely considered Japan’s best.

Carrying around excess water makes you tired and cold. Isurus wetsuits will keep you light by not absorbing water. Heating the Yamamoto neoprene, not water will keep you warmer and paddling circles around your friends.

While no neoprene is 100% environmentally safe, it is made from limestone instead of petroleum, making it more environmentally friendly. Yamamoto has taken big steps to reduce its environmental impact.

Isurus compression wetsuits are made from 100% Japanese Yamamoto Neoprene.


FORWARD PROPULSION SYSTEM FPS: Increases drag and helps your paddle advance forward by improving power output per stroke.


Other latest technology includes :

BIO-MECHANICALLY DESIGNED UNDER ARM & SHOULDER PANEL: Isurus has designed a one piece panel from the hip to the elbow joint.This provides unrestricted flexibility and maximum paddling power

SOLAR HEAT-RETAINING SCS TECHNOLOGY: Isurus has designed back and shoulder wetsuit panels that absorb and retains heat from the sun. Yamamoto SCS blocks wind chill, keeping you warm even in the cold and cloudy conditions.

TITANIUM SCS YAMAMOTO SILVER TAPING: Isurus uses only the highest grade Yamamoto NeopreneSCS TI Taping in its surfing wetsuits. This taping is heat retentive and is the lightest, most flexible and water repellent tape available. SCS TI works with Isurus’ special patented glue to insure no pin hole leaks or blowouts.

SCS THERMAL WIND REPELLANT HOOD: Isurus SCS Thermo insulated Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit hoodies impenetrable, improves comfort and reduces stress on the head and neck. You will find the Isurus hood to be the thinnest, warmest and most comfortable surfing hood you have ever worn


Please contact either Mike Schlebach – mainskiet@hooley.co.za – or Grant Baker – twigsurfboards@gmail.com – to discuss what style and size would be best for you.

Check them out on surfisurus.com or on Facebook here >>

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