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Atholton Surf Champs a Great Success

It was smiles all round for the competitors in Atholton Primary School’s centenary champs, especially from the Under 10 Boys & Girls finalists: Gabi-Lailvaux, Christian Williamson, Brady Maguire & Jamie-Sindt

Atholton Primary School held it’s Centenary Surf Champs recently at the local Bronze beach in Umhlanga Rocks. Youngsters under ten years took part and were joined by past ‘old boy’ pupils ranging right up to the ‘Bad Ballies’ over fifty years old. An indication of how long Atholton has been producing and grooming world class surfers.

The elements played their part providing 3ft waves with a SW wind which provided a really good ‘bowl’ wave for the surfers. Jestyn Viljoen (also an old boy) was the Contest Director and said:

“Thanks to our sponsors Hurricane, Quiksilver and Vitamin Water for the prizes that the surfers received. It was really great to see past old pupils surfing with the youngsters. The ocean does not know age and surfing is something entire families can do for life”.

Old Boy Beyrick de Vries said “Atholton was the best school ever. I still drive past and have the best memories.  Thanks to Atholton, Skinhead and Dev Lane who introduced me to surfing and started my journey as a Pro Surfer. It was so good to be home to take part in this contest which included past, present and future Pro-Surfers.”

Gina Van de Wall and her husband Rein worked tirelessly to ensure the event was well attended.  Staff members of Atholton were also hands on with Headmaster Mr Aaron visiting the event and Vice Head Mr Bursik supporting all day. Mom photographer Nicky Grove made sure the event was captured.  Dedicated teacher Amy Cowan is known for continuously helping and mentoring the kids.

Little Gabi Lailvaux showed her talent with good scores taking out both the boys and girls in the u10’s. Jade Mets had one really good wave but could not find a back up and was just pipped by 0.2 points by Umhlanga surfer Teal Hogg.  Kei Weyer posted a 7 point ride and was beaten by Josh Postma by a narrow 0.5 points.  The Bad Ballies was another close call with 0.2 points between winner Rosh Honeysett and Jeff Simkiss. Jaime Irvin was the clear winner of the u13 boys beating the others by 5 points.

Stand out surfers on the day were Beyrick de Vries (Umhlanga), Dan Redman (Umdloti), and Chris Leppan who all posted the highest wave and heat scores across the board. Chris Knutsen also took part and showed why he is three times world champion.

Competitors in the Atholton Primary Centenary Champs

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Final Results:
U10 Boys and Girls: 1st: Gabi Lailvaux, 2nd: Christian Williamson, 3rd: Brady Maguire, 4th:Jamie Sindt.
U13 Boys: 1st: Jamie Irvine, 2nd: Shane Maguire, 3rd: Michael Smit, 4th: Liam Jones
U16 Boys: 1st: Josh Postma, 2nd: Kei Weyer, 3rd: Kyle Williams, 4th: Daniel Humphreys
U16 Girls: 1st: Teal Hogg, 2nd: Jade Mets, 3rd: Cana Foster, 4th: Kelly Simkiss
Bad Ballies: 1st: Rosh Honeysett, 2nd: Jeff Simkiss, 3rd: Steve Honeysett, 4th: Andy Hogg
Open Men: 1st: Beyrick de Vries, 2nd: Dan Redman, 3rd: Chris Leppan, 4th: Rein van de Wall


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