5 May, 2017 5 May, 2017

Inclusive Surfing SA Bringing The Stoke

Inclusive Surfing South Africa empowers surfing as a sport by contributing to the development, access and transformation of the sport as it grows inclusive to girls and boys of any skill level and age.

Smile and Wave Surf Therapy is Inclusive Surfing South Africa’s flagship initiative where we take individuals with special needs to the waves to experience the stoke of surf therapy. With Smile and Wave surf therapy we adapt the sport to empower each individual with experienced coaches and assistants to offer supportive coaching so surfers take to the water, adapt and take to the waves.

Our goal is to reach as many individuals in South Africa who would like to the waves of our beautiful South African coasts and experience the stoke of surf therapy. Inclusive Surfing South Africa’s initiative Smile and Wave creates access to surfing for all individuals regardless of their differability. Differabilty is a word that is used by ISSA and created by Co-Founder and Adaptive Surf Champion Ashtan Davids to describe ones unique Different Ability.

Smile and wave Surf therapy can promote physical well-being, combat discrimination; build self-confidence and a sense of security. Smile and Wave surf therapy also plays an important role in the healing and rehabilitation process for all.
Smile and Wave Surf therapy believes the ocean offers a rich landscape of sensory experiences that stimulate the whole body. Elements such as the air, temperature, sound, smell and textures are all natural. Surfing, a sport practised outdoors in a medium that is in constant motion is an asset as is covers several areas of occupational performances, as well in various physical, psychosocial skills of individuals in an all in one encompassing activity.

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