3 July, 2018 3 July, 2018

iLembe Invitational 2018

The Annual North Coast Board-riders “Invitational” event hosted by the iLembe surf-riders had their 2nd competition go down in some great waves at Surfers in Ballito on 5th May and the surfing was top notch! The format follows a 3 month waiting period for the best weekend of waves on offer so the top 28 locals and 4 wildcards can battle it out. A panel of local judges makes sure only the top guys get a chance to surf each year and alternates line up waiting for someone to pull out so they can get their chance.

There is not much in the way of prize money but it seems that pride has been more than enough. In 2017 Shane Sykes took it down and this year it was his brother Justin Skykes who managed this win in 4-ft cooking conditions. Stay tuned for the 2019 edition!

Ilembe Invitational – 5th of May 2018 from Brett Geel on Vimeo.



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