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High Performance Surfing Academy Kicks Off In Durban‏

High Performance Surfing Academy Enjoys Great Inauguration In Durban

Durban – The first official High Performance Surfing Academy program was a four-day event that took place last week in Durban. The surfers invited to partake in this program were the series winners from the Future Legends Series that was held over the first few months of the year in Durban. The Future Legends Series had an U13 Boys division, a U16 Girls division and a U16 Boys division, and the top four surfers from each division won a slot into the High Performance Surfing Academy.

These surfers were:

U13 Boys

1. Mitch Du Preez (EL)

2. James Ribbink (DBN)

3. Nate Spaulding (DBN)

4. Alex Townsend (CT)

U16 Girls

1. Kirsty McGillivray (JBay)

2. Anna Jellema Butler (CT)

3. Sne Makubu (DBN)

4. Olivia Izzard (DBN)

U16 Boys

1. Calvin Goor (Salt Rock)

2. Koby Oberholzer (DBN)

3. Angelo Faulkner (JBay)

4. Luke Slijpen (CT)

Unfortunately Angelo Faulkner and Anna Jellema Butler were injured and unable to attend the program.

Calvin Goor in action at New Pier on Sunday © Flanagan

“Bruce Jackson conceptualised and put together this four-day program, and along with Bruce, the High Performance Surfing Academy has a very simple objective, and that is to get South African surfers back onto the international podiums,” said HPSA’s Jason Ribbink. “It is a coaching and training program in which we empower surfers with knowledge and advice, as well as hands-on surfing training in the water at New Pier. We have some of the best coaches in the country at HPSA, and this first program for these juniors covered everything from heat surfing, nutrition and diet, stretching, biokinetics, core development and fitness, amongst others.”

The program spent much time with the professionals at Core Performance and Wellness Clinic, where the surfers were versed on biokinetics, stretch, diet and nutrition as well as the psychology behind competing and winning.

The program culminated with some great waves at New Pier in Durban on Sunday 19 June, and all athletes got to experience the solid surf while the coaches were all in attendance, watching attentively and giving their valued advice. Bruce Jackson, Peter Lawson, Spider Murphy, Chad Du Toit and Jason Ribbink, as well as the experienced head judge Johno Hutchison were all involved, and the kids took plenty away from the program in their personal bids to become better surfers and competitors.

Coaches and surfers assemble at New Pier © Flanagan

“It was an awesome four days,” said East London surfer Mitch Du Preez. “It was so good to go to different places and learn from the psychologists and physiotherapists and all that.”

“I think that I picked up on my rail surfing,” said Luke Slijpen from Cape Town, on what he felt he was taking away from the HPSA program.

“All the talks on diet and nutrition has inspired me to eat better and get healthy,” said Alex Townsend from Cape Town. “I think that as a result of this program it feels like my surfing has improved rapidly, and it has been really awesome to be a part of it.”

“I’ve learned a lot, especially at the Performance Center, where we got to talk to the dietician and sports psychologists,” said Kirsty McGillivray from Jeffreys Bay. “It was great to learn of all the different aspects that we need to work on for improved surfing.”

The next event for these surfers to compete in and utilise the skills and knowledge from the High Performance Surfing Academy will be the Billabong Pro Junior in Ballito from 22 – 25 June.

Kirsty McGillivray at the Core Medical and Wellness Centre. © Flanagan

The South African Surfing Legends’ High Performance Surfing Academy is set to become the benchmark for surf coaching in the country. The HPSA will be open to anyone who wants to improve their surfing skills, and work on their surfing performance levels. For more information on the HPSA, email Jason Ribbink.

South African Rugby Legends, Richmark, Firewire, Red Bull, Avis, Maverick Printing, and Core Medical and Wellness Centre support South African Surfing Legends.

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For more info on SASL please contact Pat Flanagan on pat@southafricansurfinglegends.com

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