8 February, 2018 8 February, 2018

Green Alert: Nazaré Challenge Will Run

The WSL Big Wave Tour is placing the Nazaré Challenge in Nazaré, Portugal on Green Alert to commence on Saturday, February 10, 2018. Praia do Norte, a break notorious for its powerful waves and dangerous whitewater speeds, has seen monstrous waves this season and now event organizers are tracking conditions favourable enough to run the highly-anticipated competition. Frothing? Yip, even us, make sure you got them snacks at the ready although you may not be able to eat due to the stomach-turning conditions that will unfold before your wide eyes. 

Photographer: Masurel/Surfer: Kai Lenny 

We are excited about what we are seeing at Nazaré,” said Mike Parsons, WSL Big Wave Tour Commissioner. “We are calling the WSL Nazaré Challenge ON for this Saturday, February 10. With a solid swell coming from the NW, we are looking at around 9-to-12 feet of deepwater swell that will translate to 25-to-35 foot faces by mid-morning and potentially pushing 40 feet later in the day. There is potential that the winds might come up when we run, so we plan to start early in the morning and finish before it comes up too high.”

Photographer: G.Arrieta/Surfer: Carlos Burle 


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