5 September, 2016 5 September, 2016

Get Ready For Feral Fest

Internationally acclaimed South African filmmaker, Bryan Little, has been making movies for about 15 years and surfing for over 20. As we speak, the award winning director is shooting his first ever psychedelic surf film (DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA) with a posse of industry creatives in the Elandsbay ‘dustbowl’…

Movie makers, musicians, sculptors, artists, coastal foragers, underwater wildlife filmmakers, conservation biologists, drone pilots community surf projects and the like, have been getting neck-deep in kelp to make the film this happen. And this weekend (9-10 September 2016) their ten day collaborative filming experience comes together with a mini music fest, featuring West Coast Wolves, in the Elandsbay campsite.

Feral Fest is open to anybody, anybody who wants to turn into a kreef and never reintegrate back into society… “Imagine Africaburns but small and potent by the sea” – Bryan Little. Don’t miss this chance to get mildly undomesticated. Full details below…


FERAL FEST DETAILS (just in case you can’t read the poster)

WHEN: This weekend eksé. Friday and Saturday night,  9-10 September 2016

WHERE: Elandsbay Campsite, West Coast

MUSIC BY: Featuring the West Coast Wolves with friends, Grassy Spark, (*acoustic jam) The Shabeen, Ryan Kidwell (The Little Kings), The Brothers Remedy (Crimson House Blues) & Roosta & The Mosquito.

ADMISSION: There is NO admission charge for the event, other than a camping fee. BYOB.

MORE INFO: Get the epic back-story on Brian Little’s first ever surf film DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA, the 10days&10nights project, and Feral Fest right HERE. Check out the FERAL FEST Facebook event HERE and the 10days&10nights project HERE.

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