19 January, 2018 19 January, 2018

Game of Drones – Surf Rescue

The future is now! 

Unveiled on Thursday morning out at Lennox head, New South Whales Australia, a revolutionary new addition to the life guarding arsenal put its money were its tech is. Effectively fresh out the box, a new rescue drone was put to the test to perform a real rescue. Two lighties aged 17 & 15 were caught in a spot of bother out at backline after presumably getting caught in a rip.

A member of the public, alerted the relevant authorities and within minutes the rescue drone was hovering overhead ready to deploy a floatation device. Once

the rescue pod hit the water, it quickly brought about the desired effect and the two exhausted swimmers were able to grab on and wash ashore.

The drones were commissioned through a collaboration between Surf Life Saving NSW and the State Government. The government invested $430,000 in drone technology as part of a trial. Rad to see them doll-hairs being put to good use.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro: “This is a world-first rescue. Never before has a drone fitted with a floatation device been used to rescue swimmers like this.” 

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