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Full Frame Surf Photography Workshop by Pat Flanagan and Chris van Lennep.

Two internationally renowned surf photographers and long time contributors to Zigzag, Chris Van Lennep and Pat Flanagan have embarked on a program of passing on their vast knowledge to budding and beginner surf photographers.

Kelly Slater ©Chris van Lennep

Together, they have created Full Frame, a school of photography that kicks off with a series of surf photography workshops. The initiative is supported by Shot Bru, Zigzag’s showcase of South African surf photography and Shot Bru’s sponsor Hurley. Also Brother Housings have backed this venture and besides presenting their fine water housings, purposely made for shooting surf photography at the workshops, have also made a housing available for the use of participants of the workshops.

Rifles left ©Pat Flanagan

The program consists of four, two and a half hour presentations that will cover the following areas:
Post production
High action capture
Speed blurs
Travel photography
Water photography
Beach photography
Shooting line -ups
Reading water and wave conditions
Current trends (what photo editors look for)
Marketing you photos
Photo tasks and crits

The program also allows participants direct access to Chris and Pat for the following twelve months for questions and tips.
Pat says of the ambitions of the initiative, “Our aim is to create a highly ‘focused’ group of surf shooters passionately dedicated to photographic excellence.”

©Chris van Lennep

Times and dates:
Wednesdays – 4th/11th/18th/ 25th May 2016
Venue: Zigzag Offices, 200 Montpelier Road, Berea

Because of the specialized nature of the program, there is a strict limit to the number of participants. So if you’re interested contact Pat Flanagan at 073 9600 158 or email pat@breezehill.co.za for further information.

The full details and the sign up form are available at http://fullframe.co.za Also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FullFrameSurfPhotography

Bankvaults ©Pat Flanagan

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