26 April, 2018 26 April, 2018


Llewellyn Whittaker from Waves School of Surfing who also owns his own athlete and motivational brand is very excited and grateful to be collaborating and sharing the evening with Captain Fin SA and to be hosted at Big Bay surfs shop at Eden on the Bay. 

The workshop covers the fundamentals of surfing a wave, the different types of maneuverers and what your body and board will be doing at any given stage of riding the wave. The workshop is a powerpoint presentation with awesome graphics which can be enjoyed by the whole family, the workshop is geared toward anyone who is interested in improving their surfing or just wanting to gain more knowledge, Mom, Dads, sisters brothers and aspiring coaches.

It’s an open event for the whole family young, old, boys, girls, moms, dads, grannies and grandpas. It’s free of charge but you must RSVP to brandon@bigbaysurf.co.za it’s going to be an awesome event as Diesel and Dust craft brewery have come on board as well as Primi Piatti so there’ll be free beer and pizza. Life doesn’t get better than that, talking and learning about surfing, sounds like a pretty awesome evening if you ask us.

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