19 February, 2018 19 February, 2018

Family Attacked & Robbed at Noordhoek Beach

This past weekend Noordhoek beach was once again the scene of misfortune. A family of 3 were attacked by a man wielding a knife and a broken bottle. The family whilst on an early morning beach patrol were confronted by a man which resulted in both the husband and wife being injured whilst their daughter was able to escape and call for help. 

Dewald le Grange was initially the first target, however, fate decided to intervene and the knife used in the attack broke off by the handle before the attacker was able to stab him. Following this, the assailant made use of a broken bottle and struck Dewald’s wife in the head.  The NSRI’s Craig Lambinon: “The wife sustained a stab wound to the head. She was treated and is in a stable condition in hospital, where she is recovering.”

The attacker then turned his attention back to Dewald getting away with his cell phone.  Local resident Pieter Berner and Stiffie du Toit, a doctor,  were headed down for a surf when they came across the daughter who managed to get away unharmed. After being made aware of what had just occurred the two surfers did not hesitate and assisted where necessary. 

Residents of the community, which has suffered at least nine beach attacks in recent weeks, are adamant that a solution must be found urgently and that the attackers should not be given the power to ruin their lives. In January, a 39-year-old Egyptian tourist was also stabbed on Noordhoek beach and in the same month, five people were stabbed at Silvermine Nature Reserve above Kalk Bay. 


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