29 December, 2016 29 December, 2016

When The Onshore Strikes Clean Up

When the onshore wind hit, Duan Swart and friends decided to tackled the mess they spotted in Durban on morning. With the waves being scarce this summer be sure to get cleaning and document your efforts to gain an entry into the Tuffy Clean Your beach campaign.


“Good Day from Durban,

There was a north easterly blowing in Ballito and Durban today so we decided to spend the morning filling up the Tuffy bag at Durban beach front. We noticed the amount of litter lying around one morning after a surf.

We filled up the grey Tuffy bag and saw there was still so much lying around, so we went and bought more Tuffy black bags to fill up.
Hopefully this will add to the chances of us getting a Firewire surfboard!

After getting a good amount we definitely felt the stoke. This is a great initiative and definitely more bags must be given with the awesome Zigzag magazine in the future.

We decided to make it a tradition to fill up a black plastic bag at every surf spot we travel to in the world.

Thanks for the great opportunity!”


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