29 January, 2018 29 January, 2018

Tuffy Clean Your Beach #50

This is Balian Beach in Bali, Peter wishes he could have said the surf was cooking, but like so many cases before, the swell just never showed. Eish, sorry dude. After carting his Tuffy bags around Bali, waiting for the opportune moment, Peter eventually stumbled upon a stretch of sand that need help. So being a true gent, he rolled up his sleeves and got going cleaning.  When asked to comment on the state of the beach Peter had this to say:  “The litter on the beaches there is crazy I could have filled a thousand bags!” Not exactly what you want to hear when picturing Bali. 
Moving into Feb, the Tuffy Clean Your Beach competition is heading into its second to last month. So don’t delay and get your entries in! 

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