11 January, 2018 11 January, 2018

Tuffy clean your beach #39

Rad story from a fellow surfer trying to foster some education and outreach down by the water- preach homie!

“My sister Ana and I did a major cleanup of the Durban view Park beach early this morning. A very popular fishing and surfing spot. It’s a pity some of the fishermen make it a habit of not cleaning up once they’re done. Rusty hooks, fishing lines, cigarette butts and plenty of  plastic bottles and bottle tops amongst some of the trash they leave behind. During the cleanup I tried creating awareness by speaking to the fishermen about what they are doing and offering to clean up their trash.Come on guys, make it a safe place not just for yourselves but also surfers(such as myself), beach goers, pets and last but certainly not least, all the sea life. Without it, you can no longer fish!”


Shot for spreading the good word bru, the environment and the team here at zag smaak! Make sure you dont miss your chance to enter the Tuffy Clean Your Beach competition. 


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