9 January, 2018 9 January, 2018

Tuffy Clean Your Beach #34

Once again you, the reader, have managed to make all of us here at the Zag feel like we were apart of your holiday. This entry into the Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign comes all the way from the Northern cape, here’s what Corli Bekker had to say about her entry:
“So me and my cousins got a Tuffy black bag in the 42.1 issue. We’ve been getting these black bags with our zags forever, but always used them just in our bins. So this holiday we decided to actually get going with the whole idea behind them; so we went and cleaned the beach. From here it kinda took over and become our go-to thing when we had nothing to do. Probably the best thing about it all was that we bonded over it. We’d end up making puns and jokes while picking up trash, not wanting to stop so we could one-up the previous joke. One of us would pick up a piece of rope and ask the others if they wanted to ‘hang out’, or we’d pick up a milk bottle lid and tell the one next to us they look sunburnt, here’s a ‘cap’.”
Thanks for your story Corli, who know’s maybe you got a future in comedy. 

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