9 January, 2018 9 January, 2018


What a laka story coming from Morgan Campbell whilst on a recent trip to Indo, so sick to see positive vibes being spread across the globe. 
“I just had a holiday in Bali with my family and my new fiance. We were horrified with the amount of trash that was on the beaches. We were at the beach and before we could put our towels down we all got some buckets and started picking up trash. The locals couldn’t believe what was happening, they started taking pics and then soon joined in to help and after 20 min we had cleaned the entire beach.
We went to an island, Nusa Lembongan, where there isn’t much litter but grabbed the packet from the mag and starting trolling the beach. Again I was filled with happiness with doing good and seeing peoples reactions, some saying continue the good fight. I believe in Karma massively and I believe with the little effort we had put in, we had the most amazing holiday, blessed with waves, cracking weather even though it’s the rainy season, swam with manta rays and my girlfriend said yes when my knee got sandy.”
So to all the lads out there who are thinking about popping the question, maybe before you do, hit the beach and enter the Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign for some good luck! 

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